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I'm not drawing much anymore.  Sorry.
Also not playing LoL anymore. Lot of stuff is going on.


Alright, now that it's the weekend, let me explain what is going down/on. 
I have stopped drawing for a long time due to life, mainly. As soon as I graduated from Junior College back in Dec 2014, I decided I had no clue as to what to do with my life from there and went to work. It started off at a pizza delivery place (they make hella good money btw, rolling in tips!), then a warehouse, then another warehouse, and now I'm jobless. For the record, I didn't get fired, I quit... on my birthday.. It was literally the best present I could get for myself "FREEDOM"! 

I realized something after working 2 years in low pay fast food and warehouses.
Going through life without an education sucks!

You literally are paid near to unlivable wages ($8.00/hr is unlivable unless I went to section 8 housing where i would be supplemented by the government.. umm HELL NO! And at my other jobs at the warehouses, I was making roughly $12-13.25/hr. Technically, I was making more (roughly $15-18/hr) because of all the overtime and I got a promotion for having a degree..Thank you junior college!!.. but I got sick,in a serious motorcycle accident, and tattled on relentlessly by a jealous coworker who KISSED ASS to our manager a couple months after my promotion and got demoted. So yea, warehouses are definitely not my place in life... and I hope that former coworker never gets the promotion she so desires.
Yes, I'm Definitely still bitter about that even though that was exactly a year ago. 

Moving on, currently, I am jobless and living with my boyfriend. Oh yea, I have a boyfriend now. And if you remember me having a boyfriend before, it's a different one. Off topic, my romantic life could LITERALLY be a romance novel (anime may or may not be included, idk I fit the commonly used clumsy, slightly dumb at moments, HORRIBLE at cooking main female cliche role ironically, so that's something I got going for me) and if I actually wrote it all out you guys would totally agree with me! Maybe one day I'll do a VERY rough summary because (and I planned this out already if I ever were to write it), my first/ex boyfriend would be one book all in itself, and my current bf is also another book in itself. But I digress...

I finally decided what to do with my life!
I decided to go back to college and pursue my major of International Affairs which is, for those of you that don't know,a Political Science major, and guess what! After taking (currently still taking) one class that is literally "Intro to International Affairs," I decided to switch to an art degree LOL!!

So yea, after this semester is over (and it's definitely going to be a rough one). I'll be taking art classes and starting towards my Bachelor's of Art in Art.. (Digital Art Emphasis) and a Japanese Minor. I'm gonna be fluent in Japanese one day!! WOOOT!

So, don't expect a lot, or any, drawings from me now, but hold on, because come this may...ish I'll definitely be getting back into the rhythm. 
And this is very important!
There's gonna be some changes around here.
I will be stashing/deleting a LOT of my old art.
I will also change my username eventually.
Since I am going to pursue being a professional graphic designer/artist, I need to up my level quality of work. I see that I slightly did that a long time ago going through my gallery, but there is always room for improvement!

If you guys remember LitD (Light in the Darkness), that comic I started roughly FOREVER ago, yea, when I'm free after this semester, I will be working on it again and trying to revamp it into a webcomic. I also hope to animate it eventually, but that is a work in progress that will definitely have to wait first. However, my art style has changed a LOT since I started drawing it back in 2008 OF MIDDLESCHOOL (as you can see if you refer to the original fail of a plot LitD and the LitD Redux, and also if you look at a lot of my more recent pieces in general), so I'm trying to figure out now whether or not i want to continue with the Redux's classic anime style or my currently developed semi-realistic anime style, or both! 

So yea, a LOT has happened in the past two years and I'm glad I'm finally getting on the right track.
Thank you so much for your guys' support, and please continue to support me as this journey continues!



randomness is my middle name
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Ello, I'm a crazy insane girl who's all about having fun! ;p

I prefer to draw more in the anime/shoujo area, but now I've been really working on anatomy and am going to attempt adding a bit of realism to my work. I'm also trying to work on different landscapes.

gaia: xcianna (I check here quite a bit for critiques)
neopets: annaavatar
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